Wryesdale Mushrooms

Children's mushroom growing workshop

Age Range: Children 7-11 (all children must be supervised by an adult)
Ability Level: All abilities welcome

Join us for a fun and educational children’s mushroom growing workshop! Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of mushrooms and learn how to grow them yourself. This hands-on workshop is perfect for young nature enthusiasts aged 7-11.

During this workshop, children will discover the secrets of mushroom cultivation and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of fungi in our ecosystem. They will learn about different types of mushrooms, their life cycles, and the essential role they play in nature. Explore the fascinating world of fungi by playing mushroom games.

Our expert instructors will guide the children through the process of growing their own mushrooms, providing step-by-step instructions and valuable tips. Each participant will have the opportunity to make their very own mushroom-growing kit, so they can continue their fungal adventures long after the workshop ends. Each grow kit will produce at least 2 harvests of grey oyster mushrooms!

This workshop is a fantastic opportunity for children to connect with nature, learn about the wonders of mushrooms, and develop their green thumbs. Don’t miss out on this exciting event! Limited spots available, so book your place now to secure a spot for your child.

Please note – children must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the workshop.

There is one non-means-tested free space for anyone who is unwaged/otherwise can’t afford the session. If you would like this space please email Hayley & Paul: info@wryesidemushrooms.co.uk

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