Zine Making Club

Age Range: All ages
Ability Level: All abilities

The Morecambe and Lancaster Zine Library presents …. Zine-making Club!

Bring ideas, make zines and add to the library.  Zine club will initially run for 6 weeks (22nd Jan – 26th Feb)

Ziney meetings are afoot….

The Morecambe and Lancaster Zine Library is an upcycled dartboard in an alcove in the Gregson Café Bar. It’s a resource for creativity, connection, a hub of quiet activism and an antidote to social media. It links Morecambe & Lancaster through two hubs at the Gregson Centre and the Good Things Collective Studios.

You can deposit or borrow a zine, bring it back or pass it on. You can read the zines over a drink or take the ‘Case for Making Zines’ to your table, make your own to add to the library.

Pronounced ‘zeen’ as in magazine – a zine is a small-circulation, Do-it-Yourself booklet or magazine. Zines come in all shapes and sizes and can be about the stuff that’s not shared elsewhere.

Zine Making : Zine making can be a form of craftivism. A space to spark ideas and – through paper folding, doodling, cartooning, collaging & printing – to share and explore the complexities of being human.

Zine Reading : A circular process of exchange and dialogue with no distinctions between the readers and writers, with one encouraging the other.