Zine Making Club

Age Range: All ages
Ability Level: All abilities

The Morecambe and Lancaster Zine Library presents …. Zine-making Club!

Bring ideas, make zines and add to the library.

Ziney meetings are afoot….

The Morecambe and Lancaster Zine Library is an upcycled dartboard in an alcove in the Gregson Café Bar. It’s a resource for creativity, connection, a hub of quiet activism and an antidote to social media. It links Morecambe & Lancaster through two hubs at the Gregson Centre and the Good Things Collective Studios.

You can deposit or borrow a zine, bring it back or pass it on. You can read the zines over a drink or take the ‘Case for Making Zines’ to your table, make your own to add to the library.

Pronounced ‘zeen’ as in magazine – a zine is a small-circulation, Do-it-Yourself booklet or magazine. Zines come in all shapes and sizes and can be about the stuff that’s not shared elsewhere.

Zine Making : Zine making can be a form of craftivism. A space to spark ideas and – through paper folding, doodling, cartooning, collaging & printing – to share and explore the complexities of being human.

Zine Reading : A circular process of exchange and dialogue with no distinctions between the readers and writers, with one encouraging the other.