Tai Chi Classes

Age Range: 15+ years
Ability Level: All levels, from beginners to practitioners of other martial arts

The Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan is a safe and inclusive space that seeks to maintain the integrity of authentic Tai Chi. The group  have been running sessions at the Gregson for 24 years and the  founder, Paul, has over 27 years’ experience in teaching Tai Chi.

The journey you take with Tai Chi Chuan  not only explores your physical development and self-defence skills, but also taps into your mind and spirit, with equal focus placed on your inner development.

The group has supported a huge number of people with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and the family of students and practitioners has a deep respect and care for one another.

If you have a sincere interest in authentic Tai Chi, just contact Paul for an informal chat. Please call or email Paul to find a class that’s right for you – info@lancaster-taichi.co.uk  07708896334