The Kid Brother - Screening

Age Range: Open to all (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)

Next Screening: The Kid Brother. 19th December

The Lancaster Silent Movie and Classic Film Club are one of the only groups in the entire country that regularly shows silent movies. They are often rare and lesser known titles and in many cases this will be your one and only chance to ever see these films as they are simply not available anywhere else!

This is a welcoming, friendly bunch and this is a great opportunity to make new friends as the group often go to the bar afterwards. You don’t need to have any knowledge of silent cinema, merely an interest in experiencing it. Don’t worry if you know nothing about old movies or even cinema in general. The group’s primary aim is to enjoy these films as they feel they’re relevant and fun and not museum pieces to be analysed or discussed.

Pay if and what you want.

Upcoming Screenings:

-19th December: “The Kid Brother” Harold Lloyd in his second most famous film where he doesn’t hang off a clock.
-16th January 2014: “The Manxman” + “Sherlock Jnr”. Double bill of Hitchcock and Keaton. What’s not to like?
-20th February: “Love” Garbo and Gilbert in an adaptation of Anna Karenina
-19th March: “Longpants” + comedy shorts. comedian Harry Langdon + guests
-16th April: “Faust” Emil Jannings stars in F. W. Murnau’s version of the Faust legend
-21st May: “The Pagan” Ramon Navarro stars. Need we say more?
-18th June: “I Was Born But…” Early Ozu (director of Tokyo Story) film.
-16th July: “The Loves Of Pharoah” Emil Jannings again in Ernst Lubitsch’s melodrama.
-20th August: “Sunrise” in celebration of oour ten year anniversary we are showing the film that started it all. F. W. Murnau’s masterpiece. It won the Academy Award for Unique and Artistic Picture at the 1st Academy Awards in 1929
-17th September: “Don Juan” John Barrymore stars in the first film to have a recorde movietone soundtrack (all music)
-15th October: “The Cat and The Canary” Atmospheric spooky movie.
-19th November: “Foolish Wives” OR “The Wedding March” Something by Eric Von Stroheim. we aren’t sure which yet.