Namoss Social Cinema - Peace Film Night

Age Range: All ages
Upcoming dates: 25th April, 20th June, 22nd August, 17th October

Step into the warmth of Peace Film Nights at The Gregson Centre, brought to life by friends Samson and Phil.

Join us every two months for an evening brimming with heartwarming short films that celebrate humanity’s best. Our carefully selected short films offer an escape from life’s chaos, free from negativity and full of inspiration.

Come as you are and find solace in our welcoming community, where age, ability and background dissolve, and friendships bloom.

Don’t miss out on this uplifting and fulfilling experience.

About the organisers

Samson and Phil, friends behind Peace Film Night, wanted to realise Samson’s dream of a peaceful, inclusive space where people could escape and connect through uplifting cinema. The result is a community group, where curated peace-themed films and Samson’s welcoming calming approach foster unity and inspire hope, creating an memorable evening for all who seek solace and connection.