Lancaster Lindy Circle

Age Range: 16+
Ability Level: All abilities welcome

Lindy hop is the original swing dance, a Black American dance that started in New York in the late 1920’s. By the 1940’s it was so popular that dancers from the Savoy toured the US and Europe and appeared in several Hollywood films.  Music changed and so did dancing, but in the 1980’s, when some of the original lindy hop stars from the 30s began sharing their knowledge with a new generation of dancers, a huge worldwide Lindy hop revival happened.

It is a joyful dance, often in open hold with lots of improvisation, and Lancaster Lindy Circle  want to spread the lindy love further!

All you need is some comfy shoes and a bit of enthusiasm. Come and join them, and forget your worries for a few hours a week.

Lancaster Lindy Circle is a non-profit association run by a small team of volunteers.