Capoeira Angola OGUM - UK

Age Range: 14+ (children are welcome if accompanied by an adult)
Ability Level: Beginners and intermediate

Join the Capoeira Angola OGUM Group in sessions exploring Capoeira Angola, an afro-brasilian art-form merging dance, music, and martial arts.

In the sessions, you will go through corporal expression, dance, music, martial arts, acrobatics and self-discovery.

The course is comprehensive of physical activities, musical & singing practice.

Open to ALL LEVELS of fitness and NO experience required. Wear comfortable clothes, plimsoll shoes and (totally up to you) a yoga mat for final stretching and exercises.

Individual lessons can be pay-as-you-can.

For more info email or whatsapp to 07708514032

About the teacher

Andrea started to practice capoeira in 2000. In 2007 became Trainer of Capoeira Angola (Treinel) and in 2010 Instructor (Instrutor). He worked with capoeira in Naples, Italy both in classes and in social and educational projects from 2007 to 2015. In 2013 he founded his first group in Caserta, Italy.