Bar Exhibitions

People looking at an art exhibition in the Gregson cafe/bar

Bar Exhibitions

The Gregson’s  walls belong to all of us. That’s why exhibiting art in the Cafe Bar is open to anyone that want’s to exhibit.

The exhibits change every month, so come along and see what amazing work is on display, and maybe purchase some unique and original works!

Bar open: 11am-11pm Monday-Friday

Current Exhibition: Songs of Water by Yunxia Wu

Yunxia Wu is a folklorist, soul singer and water-ink painter. Born in China’s Yangtze River Delta, Yunxia is familiar with agricultural production and folk festivals since being a child, and is now a practitioner and researcher of East Asian Folklore.

On her exhibition, Yunxia said:

The unity of nature and human is the daily concept of the East Asian people. When we drink tea, we are thankful for tea trees and streams; when we travel, we are thankful for boats and rivers. I painted the scenery of the Yangtze River Basin in a crude way like folk graffiti to express my love for the original culture.

Art Social

Yunxia is holding an ART SOCIAL on Wednesday 17th January. This will be an informal gathering to celebrate Yunxia’s exhibition. She will also be holding a free Chinese Art workshop. There will also be Teatime Chinese Food. To declare interest and book on to the class, email Yunxia on