Williamson's Parklife: Morton Betts + more

Age Range: 14+ (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)

From Baccy J n Folio Productions

This is a show that is quintessentially Lancastrian. The line-up is a product and portrait of the social, cultural climate of our city and very much, a sign of the times. On the 26th of July we dance to the movement taking our nation by storm… Indie Rock.

These bands are all home grown and many of them have hopes and ideas they’d like to share with you all, to the sound of upbeat, tounge-in cheek guitar riffs, will you lend an ear to Morton Betts, goodplan. and The Limes?

Morton Betts
Knee sliding Lancashire Hooliganism, Reasonably loud and suitably energetic, Morton Betts put a fresh spin on music that sits somewhere between rock, punk, and generally alternative. Bouncing baselines, pounding drums, and two other blokes near the front. Pre-cowboy yet post-karaoke, the sort of fellas you’d write home about and a one-way ticket to the land of good vibrations 

33% music, 33% fashion, 33% culture. The final 1% is a surprise and you’ll have to show up to find out 💆‍♂️Up the B*****d Betts

Born in the summer of ‘23, goodplan. are a 5 piece indie rock band from Lancaster.

For fans of Oasis and Easy Life, goodplan. combine delicate textures of ethereal sound with raw, unapologetic undertones.

The Limes
The Limes are an independant band from Morecambe and Lancaster in the North West of England. They have found their new sound, are eager to hit the ground running and establish themselves in the music scene.  With influences from Catfish And The Bottlemen, Oasis, Sam Fender & Radiohead; the lads have been able to craft a unique, fresh but familiar sound they’re calling Chill Groove. Their discography has something for everyone, including energetic fast paced head bobbers and slower, soulful ballads. The versatility of their songwriting can be felt during their live sets with a great pacing of their setlist.

More TBA

Access Information

The balcony Mezzanzine will be a chill out space. There is also the Café bar providing adequate tranquillity

There will be a lighting rig pointing at the stage but no strobe lighting.

This event is Wheelchair accessible. There is a door on Williamson Road that leads directly to the hall and an accessible lift from the Café/Bar to the hall. There is a doorbell at the front of the building should you need any assistance. Any questions please call +44 (0)1524 849959 or Email j.boynton@gregson.co.uk.

There will be seating at the back of the hall where the event is being held, including a Mezzanine balcony overlooking the dance floor and stage.

There will be a steward on hand to provide any assistance or support and even run drinks if you have any specific needs.

There will be a social boundary traffic light system at the gig; Upon entry you will be offered optional, different coloured wristbands, green indicates that you are feeling social and open to being approached by someone you are not familiar with. Amber or Yellow indicates that you are comfortable speaking to acquaintances and people you are familiar with. Red indicates that you do not want to be approached by strangers. The Gregson will always be a safe space for everyone.