'Emergence' - an exhibition by Up North Arts

Age Range: All ages

Collaboration, Community, Creativity; Emergence

The individual alone is only capable of so much. Collaboration gives us the opportunity to showcase the breadth of our potential as creatives.

Up North Arts presents ‘Emergence‘, an art exhibition and instillation spanning the entirety of the Gregson and its spaces.

The exhibition follows the principle that the lone artist, though nuanced, is limited, but as a community of artists we are able to come together to synergise our similarities and differences, as well as our idiosyncrasies, to create new worlds.

Up north arts aim to showcase this collaboration, highlighting the different complex attributes which combine and take form as one complete body.

‘Emergence’ will be a curated exhibition focusing on creatively reflecting this concept.

Want to take part in the exhibition?

Up North Arts are accepting submissions for work through an open call. Click here for more info

For further information email upnorthartsuna@gmail.com