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Lecture & workshop: On Sin, Forgiveness and Revenge

Age Range: 18+ years
Ability Level: No prior knowledge of philosophy is required

Sponsored by the Royal Institute of Philosophy
Dr Floris Tomasini, Politics, Philosophy and Religion, Lancaster University
This is a philosophically inspired workshop drawn from Judaism, Hannah Arendt and Zen Buddhism on how we may re-vison sin, forgiveness and revenge.
What is sin? Is sin wickedness, or is sin simply a mistake. What does it mean to forgive another? What does it mean to forgive oneself? Is forgiveness of others related to self-forgiveness? What does forgiveness entail? What is the nature of revenge, and why may forgiveness be a potent anti-dote? How might we think about forgiveness in different ways?
These are questions that we will explore together through practical real world examples. There are two twenty minute lectures on this topic, followed by group discussions after each. There will be a short break in the middle of the session.
This workshop is free and open to all. No prior knowledge of philosophy is required.
Please email to reserve a place. Numbers are limited to ten participants, so please only reserve a place if you expect to attend.
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